Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy MONDAY Blogging

Ok, WOW!

It's been 4months since I last blogged. I have been totally distracted with keeping up with Facebook and Twitter. And I'm an expert at procrastination. Grrrrrrrrr... but, now I'm motivated to spend some time blogging. Wooohooooo!

NEW GOAL....Blogging every Monday :)

A lot has happened since my last blog. And if you're wondering, Yes! my vision board totally works! It's pretty amazing. The pics are only some of the magical vision board related things that have happened. I'll post more soon...I PROMISE ;)



Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi :)

I hope that this post inspires you to create your own vision board. I also hope it inspires you to inspire others to do the same. So far, it's done so much good in my life. I'm sure it will do a lot of good for you and whom ever you share it with. If you decide to create a vision board, I would love, love, love it if you would post your experience(s) on my blog.


Me, Aukai "Lil Man", and Noelani Love. Check out Noelani's jewelry at:

My sweet friend, Noelani Love, invited me over to her home on the North Shore to make "Vision Boards." I had a general idea of what it might look like and what the concept was. A Vision Board is a collection of magazine clippings that represent your goals, dreams, and a representation of who you would like to be, put together as a collage and glued on to a hard piece of paper or card board. 

Noelani and I were going through a tough time in our lives. We are both in our mid 20s and were in the beginning stages of our divorces. This was the perfect time for us to regroup, collect our thoughts, focus on our futures, and create our Vision Boards. By the's a little strange for me to share this information to random people who I don't even know, especially regarding the trial and tribulations of my personal life. But, I am hoping our story will help others (especially young women like us who are going through relationship troubles).

As soon as Noelani and I set a date to create our Vision Boards, I drove to Kahala Mall and walked into the stationary store. I love doing things that allow me to be creative! So, my idea was to purchase accessories to decorate my vision board, besides the normal magazine tears. I bought different colored polka-dotted ribbons, butterflies, flowers, and mermaid stickers. I spent a good hour in the store: my way of therapy...SHOPPING!!! ;) I was feeling better already. LOL.

I brought all of my goodies to the North Shore. I met up with Noelani and a few of her friends at Ehukai Beach. If you have not been to Ehukai Beach yet, it is most definitely a must see. The ocean, sand, and surroundings are pure and gorgeous! Since we were on the beach, I decided to grab a hand full of sand to incorporate into our project. Later that evening, we went to Sheradon's house for dinner and to work on our Vision Boards. Over dinner and wine, Sheradon shared with us that she and her husband had created Vision Boards (before they met), and since then, everything has come true, including finding each other.  This was pretty inspiring to me.

We had magazines, accessories, scissors, and glue scattered in the center of the living room. We were ready and motivated to begin. At first, I searched through magazines not knowing exactly what to look for. I had so many thoughts and ideas all day, I wasn't sure what to focus on. So, as we sat down, "Indian style," on Sheradon's living room floor, sipped on our glasses filled with red wine, and chatted and giggled about what we wanted in life, I began cutting out anything and everything that I wanted to do, see, go, feel, be, etc...  After a good hour or two, I had a pretty large and random pile of images, words, and phrases cut out of the magazines. I then categorized the magazine cuttings. Wow! I realized that majority of my cuttings were ocean and health related. I was pretty surprised that I didn't have many cuttings that symbolized a relationship. I was finally focused on what I could do for me and not what I could do for a guy or what he could do for me. At this moment I was aware that I needed to truly work on my own happiness. I weeded out all the unnecessary cuttings. I focused on simplifying my board. I even glued a butterfly, engraved with the word "simplify," on the bottom right of my Vision Board. As the night went on, my mind was less and less cluttered. Connecting with friends and taking the time to create a new chapter for my life was healing and nourishing for my mind and soul. 
As the night went on and led into morning, Sheradon decided to go to bed. Noelani and I were so determined to complete our boards, we decided to transfer to Noelani's house. We glued our clippings, ribbon, sand, shells, and everything else we fell in love with on to our boards. 4:00 am, yes, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 

Noelani and I created our Vision Boards during the beginning of May. Since then, so many of the things that we posted on our boards have come ture :) It's amazing! I have had many positive experiences and made many new friends who are just as ambitious as Noelani and I are. It is much easier to receive positive energy if you are open to it. Therefore, open your mind and heart and you will receive so much good in your life. I've listed and included photos of some of the wonderful happenings below. And I will make sure to post more to come. ;) 

 the Big Island 

Live healthy...Hung out with Kenya (owner of Persimmon boutique) and ate delicious, healthy food at Ceviche Dave's.

Picked Shells...with my sweet friend Pascale & Kai Boy (A.K.A. "The Shell Master")

Fashion and parties...Helped Kenya Holmes with her Trunk Sale. 

Check out Persimmon at:

Spent time with the Ohana...4 generations, me, mom, mimi (my grandma), and great grandma Mary. xoxo

Nature hike...with my mom in Waipio.

Listened to music & enjoyed the company of my awesome friend Mele Mcpherson at Twilight at Kalahuipa'a A.K.A. "Talk Stories" 

Check out Mele's graphic design work at:

Living healthy...Found a good place to eat and shop for healthy food.

Angela Maki Vernon, Darrell Aquino (owner of Umeke Market), & me with big delicious Kahuku grown papayas.

Umeke Market caters food.

Mermaids...I met the king of all the mermaids. His name is Red. He's an amazing artist. We did a really cool photoshoot. I'll post them eventually. 

Red with his crafty reflector he used for our photoshoot. The photo of the girl on the rock under water is Emily Dudley.

Sponsors...Donna vonHosselin (Bettybelts jewelry designer) sent me some goodies. The peace sign earrings are my fav ;)
Check out Bettybelts jewelry at:

Fitness & Friends...Maki and I trained a whole lot. I love having my training buddy.

Me & Angela Maki Vernon after surfing at Queens, my home break. 
You can check out Maki's blog at:

I totally turned into a MERMAID. 

Waterwoman...surfed in 4 divisions in China Uemura's 13th Annual Wahine Surfing Classic. Made 3 finals. Check out this link for results:

Me & Joy Monohan (Current Women's Longboard World Champion). Joy Rips!

Bikinis...Pualani Hawaii swim suits is my new sponsor. Check out her bikinis at: 

Maki & I will be in the 2010 catalog. I'm so excited!

Iwalani (owner & designer of Pualani Hawaii swim wear) & I on 4th of July.

I'm excited to fill you in on what happens next.